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Virgin Australia set for voluntary administration

Virgin Australia is preparing to go into voluntary administration, sources say, unable to survive under the weight of enormous debts and starved of cash by the coronavirus travel shutdown. ( 更多...

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Scott B 5
Branson collects his $10 million a year for the name, the other shareholders, 40% Chinese government, 20% Singapore Airlines and 20% Emirates should be bailing them out, not the Australian government
Considering that they didn't share their profits (in the form of paid tax), why should we be required to share in their failure. As noted elsewhere, they were already in a deep financial hole before the lock-down kicked in.
Chris ONeill 4
VA has paid no company tax in Australia and now want the government to bail them out on the basis that of a monopoly to qantas.

Sorry VA hopefully you can use this review to learn your mistakes and come back stronger.
VA want the Australian taxpayer to bail them out.VA was already in trouble before the Corona virus.
Ray Harrop 3
This airline was in massive problems with 5 billion debt BEFORE the China virus interfered - they are using this as an excuse for a bailout by the Aust taxpayer - the rich existing shareholders must be held accountable for the current problem and fix it themselves.
The skies are blue again - let airlines that treated their customers like cattle fold!
Ouch. This one hurts, as without any aid, this effectively cedes any major international travel on an Australian-based carrier to QFA. I'm not including JST as an alternative, as they are a LCC owned by QFA. But an Australian perspective, VOZ was the only other major competitor to QFA without going through another international carrier.

Regardless, I'm sure that Branson will push back on this one and lobby for aid.
j brandt 1
He has, but if he's that worried about virgin, let him put some of his billions into it. He can always sell his island.


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