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Southwest bolsters the Southwest Promise by keeping middle seats open for fall travel

Southwest Airlines today renewed its ongoing commitment to supporting the well-being and comfort of its Customers and Employees by announcing that the carrier will continue limiting the amount of seats sold on every flight to allow middle seats to remain open through Nov. 30, 2020. Additionally, as part of The Southwest Promise, the airline requires face masks to be worn at all times, has implemented physical distancing measures in airports and onboard aircraft, and maintains a stringent… ( 更多...

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paul gilpin 4
what do they do in first class?

get it?
first class?
it's SWA.
first class?
get it?

my original comment was about the middle seat. you can't remove it. supports and floor bolting patterns and all, so let's haul 1500 lbs, combined, around just for grins. that's not something one would do. in a sane world.
jptq63 0
Really do wonder (I do not know currently, maybe someone else does) what their load factor currently is, on average, and on maybe some specific more popular vs. less popular routes. I.e. could a carrier add more rows (i.e. less leg room) but keep the middle seats open, as a business case. Been wondering about how to -- configure -- a cabin (and possible other changes / tweaks to seat design) for an aircraft IF situation stays more or less the same for years.... View a 767 and 717 as some possible more easy planes to figure out designs; just imagination here on my end.
aurodoc 4
I flew them SJC PHX 3 weeks ago and both ways were at least half full. I was surprised with the number of passengers at PHX given hot summer and pandemic
matt jensen 4
We had a couple of BAe146's we reconfigured for charters. Taking out the middle seat was easy, but it proved a problem, which was solved by putting in mini refrigs that opened both ways.
darjr26 2
Maybe this will help them with their weight and balance issues.
mary susan watkins 2
more power to them if they can continue the practice of keeping middle seats open..i have not flown them in a while,but they used to be a carrier who did not offer specific seat assignments..rather,you had to go on board by whichever group you were in and color of boarding pass,and take any seat available..if the flight was not full,most people chose aisles or windows and the middle seats were empty anyway..with fewer people flying,it might not be an issue at all..
paul trubits 6
The boarding cards were used in the 1990s. Time is flying for you! 9-11 forced airlines to issue boarding passes with the passenger's name. That is why you now get a group and boarding number . The actual act of flying SWA will be much improved. Life is good when your flight is going to be 2/3rds full.
dee9bee 0
“Out of an abundance of caution," Code for "Our Lawyers have advised"...
dee9bee 1
Sorry, wrong thread.
david boyd 0
What about through the Christmas Holidays??
Robert Cowling -3
It won't stop all infections.
strickerje 1
I thought we just needed to slow the infection rate so that hospitals wouldn't be overwhelmed with critical patients? When did the goal suddenly become stopping all infections? That isn't really possible while maintaining any semblance of modern society.
bentwing60 -3
The real vaccine they should be working on is for TDS, and distribution would be a snap! The left coast, upper third of the right and 20 some-odd dim. governed cities in the heartland, all easily identifiable by the Smoke plumes. Rock on RC, your Harris-Biden sign is showin'.

FL450 was a 'much' nicer place!
Robert Cowling 1
I morn the passing of sanity and decency in this country. As it slips to #28 worldwide, the fall seems to be accelerating. Hey, but there is hope. Russia is rated #69, so if trump is reelected, and his monster is confirmed to the Supreme Court, Russia could move up by one.

And isn't it pathetic that the GOP has to cheat to win elections? Losers cheat. If you have to cheat, what does that say about your message, your agenda, our collective future. It's not TDS, it's people realizing that the destination this country is veering to has no future. We will ALL pay for trump. Too many with our lives, all of us with our futures.


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