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Israeli airlines are rushing to launch flights to Dubai by the end of the year as demand reportedly spikes

Three Israeli airlines are launching flights to the United Arab Emirates before the end of the year. Airlines are reporting high demand that's encouraging a sooner than planned launch date for some flights. The first air link comes less than six months following a US-brokered peace deal that normalized relations between the UAE and Israel. Israelis will soon be able to board a non-stop flight bound for the United Arab Emirates, an idea that was thought impossible just a few months ago,… ( 更多...

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Robert Artac 2
Big dog was just voted out of office. Middle East will slide back to Carter era condition.
ImperialEagle 3
President Trump,Jared Kushner and Team, did what no one has ever been able to do!
I have always wanted to visit the historic sites in many of the Arab countries, and the beautiful city of Dubai.
Now, in spite of all the Israeli stamps on my US Passport, I will be able to visit. What a wonderful thing for the citizens of Israel as well. Europe's Jews have been pouring into Israel for a number of years now bringing their culture, and enriching the melting-pot of Israel. It's a win-win for everyone.
che mex -2
"...President Trump,Jared Kushner and Team, did what no one has ever been able to do?.....Wrong!..They are not the first one's to forget about the ongoing injustice done to the Palestinian people!
paul gilpin 1
yeah, the arabs were first.
black september.
che mex 0
The arabs have certainly forgotten the Palestinian people but they were not the first to do so ...if you know your history...


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