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United Airlines will 'extract' sick, or possibly sick crew members from abroard using passenger-less planes

United Airlines will use a passenger-less plane to safely "extract" any pilot or crew member from abroad who is or may be infected with the coronavirus back to the United States. Earlier this month, employees received a memo titled “International extraction procedure – COVID affected crew member" that outlined how United will safely extract crew from a foreign country to help them avoid quarantines or treatments unless necessary, according to an internal United employee memo… ( 更多...

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Erik Bruner 7
I think that headline should read 'Abroad'. Just sayin'.
WhiteKnight77 2
I can see the concern for not wanting to allow crews to be kept by a government that may not be entirely friendly to the US as in the case of the FedEx crew. I wonder how this will work and how big of a deal other countries will make of this when it does happen?
Michael Hawke 2
Can’t imagine them caring when a person with an infectious disease is being removed so they no longer have to care for them.
darjr26 2
The good news is United is coming to get you, the bad news is they’re coming in a Max!


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