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US Congressman Urges "Extreme Caution" in Cirrus Deal

Minnesota 8th District Congressman Chip Cravaack is urging extreme caution in the acquisition of Cirrus Aircraft by a China-based company. In a letter Friday, the Freshmen Republican congressman told the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States about his concerns involving the transfer of the Duluth-based company to CAIGA. ( 更多...

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"In August 2001, Cirrus sold 58% of the company for $100 million to Crescent Capital, the US arm of the First Islamic Investment Bank of Bahrain"

So it's cool for the muslims to own cirrus, but not the chinese? im confused...
SF Johannsen 0
Matt, he is "freshmen" Republican congressman, what can you expect? He is also alittle late. He probably has some other deal happening with Cirrus.
jetplanemech 0
"The Congressman worries the company will use technology developed by Cirrus for military defense."

REALLY! That's a really bad excuse with heavey accusations. Clearly not educated in the aviation or defense world.

I'm not excited about the purchase either, but hey do a little leg work before going public as a rookie. If you want to help the Cirrus situation in Duluth assign an expert and have valid cause. People will listen.
jetplanemech 0
Just checked my facts. Chip was a pilot for NWA and the Navy. Obviously his comments are shooting from the hip.
David Roeser 0
Republican Chip is a former NWA pilot and as such was a member of ALPA. He's a union man. We shall see how he stands on union issues when things come to a head in Minnesota.
Is it unlikely that the Congressman made a 'racial-based' comment, suggesting maybe that buying the Cirrus aircraft from China would be a bad decision??


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