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Ryanair is refusing to let South African passengers board flights if they fail a language test, reports say

Ryanair is forcing South African travelers to answer questionnaires issued in Afrikaans, per reports. The airline told The FT that customers will be refused travel if they cannot complete the test. The airline has faced accusations of discrimination from passengers as a result. Ryanair is facing accusations of discrimination and racial profiling after telling South African passengers to fill out a questionnaire written in the Afrikaans language before travelling. Multiple outlets, including The… ( More...

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Colin Seftel 9
I wonder whether Michael O'Leary could pass a general knowledge quiz about Ireland, in Gaelic!
James Simms 2
That’s the question I asked to RyanAir w/a link to the story.
Chris Collingwood 4
There is a fairly large number of South African passport holders who can barely speak Afrikaans, let alone read/write it, I'm a reasonably fluent speaker, but useless at reading/writing it. It may have been taught in schools as a second or even 3rd language option, but the percentage of the South African population who would be "native" speakers of the language is around 10%.
Neil Ward 2
Good reason not to fly with them, didn't know the leprechaun was a policeman
Mark Kortum 2
Reminds me of the US immigration agent asking me what year the Yankees last won the World Series and between what streets Abraham and Strauss was located in Brooklyn. I got one out of two right and they let me come home. Fulton and Schermerhorn Streets.
lynx318 0
Seems like a security with the intention of catching a specific group of criminals. Seems like a normal strategy and not really a big news story, unless they catch a huge group.


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