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Russian Airlines Ask To Return Planes To Lessors

For the first time since the beginning of the economic sanctions, two Russian airlines have asked the Ministry of Transport for permission to return some aircraft to foreign lessors. The applications were submitted in April and May, but the ministry has yet to respond. Request to return the MAX One of the Russian airlines was S7, which wished to return two Boeing 737 MAX. The two aircraft are currently not certified, and any operation of the aircraft type was banned due to the two fatal… ( More...

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jbqwik 8
In this industry a successful global and longterm strategy would need to have favorable relationships with Western manufacturers and supply chain. Russian businessmen aren't stupid; even a suggestion or appearance of compliance might be enough to curry some needed good will, or, at least negotiations
Dave Mathes 6
...agreed, I would suspect that not everyone in Russia is on board with this Ukraine fiasco...
Leander Williams 3
I agree that not only everyone in Russia, but I would suggest that not Many outside of Putin and his cronies are in favor of the war in Ukraine. This article says that the 737 Max was never re-certified. Does that mean re-certified in Russia, because, it was, in fact, re-certified in November of 2020.
htummond 0
It may be that necessary changes have not been done required for recertification
SmokedChops 2
Agreed, a level of pragmatism on the part of the airline directors - however small - is worthy of note. At some point, they will be back playing on the world stage and will need the services of Western lessors and aircraft. These B38M's are probably due for B or C checks at this point and their required software updates to return their airworthiness certs (plus whatever else has been neglected in the interim)
SkyAware123 1
Exactly. If/when relation normalize again they don't want to have any outstanding debt for planes they don't use anyways.
Daniel Stein 7
If the aircraft are a pair of non-airworthy 737 MAXes, perhaps Russia feels the owner is the lessor of two evils.
Tommy Rowe 1
And maybe they could be used to jump across canyons.
bobinson66 4
I'm not in the air industry but I read somewhere that if some of these newer planes do not get the regularly scheduled software updates, the planes quit running. Also, the seized planes are certainly not getting their spare parts from proper channels so their service history is nearly worthless. It kind of makes their value on the trade market nearly zero. I'd like to know what the FlightAware community thinks.
avionik99 3
Oh yeah give back just the broken ones lol.
jbqwik 3
This might be an acceptable place to start. It would require communication and planning,at least, and open the door to further conversation.
WD Rseven 1
Does anyone actually believe anything that comes out of a commie's mouth?
sparkie624 -8
I think that instead of Asking, they need to Take them.
Charlie Roberts 11
Not an assignment I would volunteer for....
Enter Russia with the intent of repossessing aircraft - bad stuff will happen
Actually getting to the plane, away from a gate or parking area, then fact ofsurface to air missiles - HARD pass.
Dave Mathes 5
...feel free, let us know how that works out for you...
James Simms 2
I doubt the guys on ‘Airplane Repo’ would bother trying…
sparkie624 2
I don't know... they do some Pretty Stupid Stunts!


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