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United Announces New International Routes for Summer 2023

Today, United Airlines announced a slate of brand-new international routes for the summer of 2023. The new routes feature three brand-new destinations and nine total new route additions. ( More...

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mary susan watkins 5
this is good news..however, the way airfares are rising,the passenger load on these routes may not be a big as expected..
Reinaldo Sanchez 4
Passenger's do not like single aisle airplanes on long transatlantic routes such as Newark to Malaga Spain..Scott Kirby still thinks he is at an AA Regional Airline
Peter Fuller 6
Many passengers will select a nonstop flight to where they want to go, at what they consider a reasonable price, and don’t much care about type of airplane.
There are a few Pan Am pilots on the United payroll so there are just reacquire routes, but not new to the pilots. had to let it out.. gone 30 years...
Daniel Stein 2
Here's a link to similar info that (as of this writing) is not lurking behind a paywall:

Contributors to these discussions are not restricted as far as whose websites they are pumping. Winston Shek: If you're not dead set on shilling for aeroexplorer's website, do some legwork next time you want to spread the word.
Daniel Stein 5
I don't mean "paywall" with aeroexplorer, but a site demanding I feed their ad revenue by turning off my blocker might as well be behind a paywall. Given that the same information is available without such nuisance, I'm not helping out aeroexplorer today.
Onward Lam 1
I was not aware that a 757 could fly these long hauls.

Peter Fuller 4
757-200 range 3,915nm (Wikipedia quoting Boeing specs)

Newark-Stockholm 3,406nm ( )
Newark-Malaga 3,187nm
Chicago-Shannon 3,111nm
jetserf 2
Continental routinely flew the 757 to the UK, Norway, Sweden and Germany. After the name change it still has transatlantic 757 routes.
Michael Osmers 1
The 757 is a magnificent machine in more ways than one!
SkyAware123 0
It can... and sometimes it can't !
I've flown ams to newark and the strong headwind caused the plane to run out of fuel. It had to stop in gander to fill up. So please, get rid of these old clunkers.


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