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Maui Flight Cabin Crew Incapacitated Causing Diversion

The FAA reports that at least two Alaska Airlines flight attendants became incapacitated due to fumes on Saturday’s flight 952 from Maui to Seattle. ( More...

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lfilipov747 7
In the comments, many pax attested to experiencing the same symptoms as the flight attendants. I wonder why their concerns ere dismissed.
lfilipov747 0
William Medlin 3
Interesting but comfusinf as to what was happenng, seems like a return to Maui was closer thwn Honolululu.
John Haller 2
Perhaps more abundant medical staff was available in Oahu. Maui is only required to staff 5 ambulance locations per state law. One time, when talking to a Maui resident, she was traveling to Oahu, as there were no doctors who took Medicare who were taking new patients on Maui.
David Beattie 3
I remember an episode of HOUSE where Hugh Laurie made a bogus inflight announcement of a possible medical syndrome with certain symptoms. Totally fictitious but, within minutes, most of the passengers reported symptoms. Reminds me of the famous falangee episode of”Friends”. It takes very little to cause a panic in an airplane. Half the plane thinks they’re going to die if they hit a patch of moderate turbulence. I’m sure the scumbag PI attorneys were passing out cards at the airport.
John Taylor 1
Huffing a little of that Maui Wowee.
Michael Penney 1
I hope the passengers got pictures of crew on Oxygen. Points to it not being mental only.
linbb -7
Wow its an Alaska Airline aircraft not a Maui airline also read from that feed some comments. Seems there are more trolls on it than on here.
Roy Hunte 0
It was an Alaska Airlines flight to Maui, read the article properly.
From Maui, not to Maui. To Honolulu, as it turned out.
Bayouflier 6
Yeah Roy, I got it as well. Still, it was poorly written.
David Purtz 2
Copy and pasted from the article, and as shown on a flight tracker that squawked 7700: The FAA reports that at least two Alaska Airlines flight attendants became incapacitated due to fumes on Saturday’s flight 952 from Maui to Seattle.

According to the reliable Aviation Herald, the Boeing 737-800 was en route at 34,000 feet over the Pacific, approximately 300 nautical miles from Maui, when the problem occurred. The flight diverted to Honolulu, and they summoned medical personnel. This diversion was confirmed by the flight tracking service FlightAware.


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