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Boeing Halts Deliveries of Some 737 MAX Aircraft Due to Supplier Quality Issue

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON — Boeing has halted deliveries of certain 737 MAX aircraft due to a supplier quality issue involving Spirit AeroSystems, which could have originated as early as 2019, the company revealed on Thursday. ( More...

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M. Keating 2
I wish the article had used a photo that did not keep the entire fuselage-tail connection out of the frame.
bentwing60 1
Boeing, with some help, seems to have created their very own "Curse of the Bambino" at the hands of whom? C-suites,
Ricky Scott 1
McDac Management cutting the suppliersm so the suppliers cut costs and there we are.
Doug Haviland 1
Ya’ll can’t help yourselves can you.
Andrew Bunker 1
Beating Airbus in delivered aircraft for the first quarter of 2023 should only include serviceable aircraft!
Brian James 1
What a surprise


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