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Retiring Delta A350 pilot, water cannon salute

Water cannon salute for a retiring pilot aboard Delta Air Lines A350-900 N510DN, Flt DL276 from HND-DTW 5-30-23 ( More...

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gary pisel 14
I had the honor of a water cannon salute when I retired from NWA 747 Flight 2. The fire trucks escorted my aircraft to the parking gate. In the cab of a fire truck was my two kids watching
the celebration.
Dale Johnson 2
Was that at MSP? I live about six miles from the airport and I remember NWA 747 heading for Japan flying right over the house many times. The rumble in the distance getting closer and there it was, a majestic sight. NWA is long gone now, but I still remember that big beautiful bird overhead. It wasn't the objectionable noise like from a 727 rather just a rumble. You were probably one of those pilots flying over my house back then.
Mark Hunley 9
We just had a Captain get the water salute in Seattle Wa. We flew Delta A 330 from Amsterdam to Seattle. I will never forget that !!! What a career !
Lindsay Tremethick 9
1997 was a passenger on AA flight LAX-SLC when our Captain received the same salute, great cheers rang out in the cabin when it was announced
Daniel Hagan 4
Good Stuff! May God bless this retiring pilot.
Harry Thomas 4
Must be an emotional moment for pilots who are honored in this way.
Nick Daffern 6
My fini flight was no different than any of the others I flew. No water canons, no handshake from the BCP, just grabbed my brain bag, hugged my wife, and walked up the jetway. Pretty anticlimactic way to end 32 years with Alaska.

D Kaufman 3
I'm sure that was a pretty emotional moment, knowing you'll never experience sitting in that seat again.
Aimee Tiernan 3
That’s awesome! Congrats in your retirement.
terry gersdorf 0


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