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Delta plane lands with nose gear up at Charlotte NC airport

A Delta Air Lines flight landed with its “nose landing gear up” at Charlotte Douglas International Airport in North Carolina on Wednesday morning, the FAA says. ( More...

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Steve Aliamus 9
From the Charlotte Douglas International Airport - CLT - Facebook page:
⚠️ Update: Runway 18R/36L is currently closed following a mechanical issue with Delta Air Lines. No injuries reported. Passengers returned to the terminal. The Airport is working to remove the aircraft and reopen the runway.
victorbravo77 15
Scrape the Boeing nameplate and it still say McDonnell Douglas underneath.

Good job by the pilots, albeit a little scratched.
sparkie624 0
May be a Boeing 717... But there is no real difference. Delta flew a lot of the 717's... Just a DC9/MD8* with some white wash... LOL
cmp5n 6
The airframe looks like it hardly got a scratch! MD built a great product in those.

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Roger Anderson 8
Just saw the video. Amazing work by the crew
D Kaufman 2
I looked but couldn't find a video of the landing.
alan75035 4
That'll buff right out.
Cleffer 6
Any landing you can walk away from...
paul gilpin 3
the photo in the article must have been taken before some ground crew painted a big smiley face on the aircraft.
Whenever you have a failure to extend by normal means, the manual emergency extend handle by the copilots left foot can be used to extend. The second problem is that this red painted handle must be pulled up forcefully to mechanically unlock the nose gear for free fall. It has happened before and then you have a double failure. Of course it might be something else all together. Just saying.
Astn D 1
Incredible job by the pilots and flight crew as this could of been a whole lot worse then it was.
Jim Welch 1
“Pretty sure it’s not my turn to do the FOD check!!!”
Doug Parker 1
What kind of repair work is needed to get her certified and flying again?
Jose R Gonzalez 1
The article did not identify the aircraft. It is N955AT.


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