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JSX Bets on Small Community Air Service

The carrier has signed an LOI for over 330 hybrid-electric aircraft. ( More...

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MrTommy 3
I see a flight between Carson City, NV, and Las Vegas. I live right near the CC airport. I'll be watching for the arrival of this plane. I'm 77, so I really don't think I'll see it in MY lifetime! :D
Roger Curtiss 3
I bet this does not come to fruition as they envision. It is extremely difficult to be profitable flying to underserved airports. One of the reasons they are underserved is because very few people want to fly to/from them. And to take the few who want to fly from them to anywhere but a hub airport is pretty much a trip to nowhere.
21voyageur 2
With none of the types ever having flown a passenger in anger and will not for several years to come, I am quite sure that the paperwork associated with these deals provides for many exit ramps. IMHO, will electrified aviation ever happen? Yes. Will all of the 3 mentioned be around at that time? Doubt it. Any down payments are most likely to reserve possible spots and to garner some hype that the airlines are "investing" in renewable alternatives. Just my 2 cents worth.
Ken Prillaman 1
I wish JSX would come to my hometown airport!!!!
rob strong 1
I wish you could book a trip with a stop, even with a long layover.


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