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Piper Malibu Mirage (N44SK)
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Piper Malibu Mirage (N44SK)



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RguHeli HunterPhoto Uploader
Folks, what you see above is a Rogue Helicopter though registered to some company these are "Fictitious" used for stalking, tracking and following people, this is just one of many helicopters, cessnas and planes used in Vegas, if you see this flying over you or your car or home or in the area you are at the moment, watch carefully for repeat, most certainly you will see it again?.......that is sign and methods of the way they show up in the sky at low altitude, making notorious noise as well as flashing lights. They call it tour helicopter, may be some they use for tour but this one has questionable paths and flight patterns that tracks, in other words targeting certain law abiding people, innocent good people are subjected to these in the name of whatever they are doing, a massive waste of tax payers money using fictitious aircraft's is unleashed in Vegas few years ago and it is in full scale operation. The Other notorious black helicopter is part of the same gang is N440KB, more updates coming..!!. If you live in Vegas or visit Vegas, make note of this, take pic and post it here or post your message about this.
Harrison Miller
Its registered to a legitimate flight school...
RguHeli HunterPhoto Uploader
May be, but that does not preclude they are adhering to what they have registered for, in the name of tour operator or in the name of a leasing/renting companies, there are lots of abuse is going on and they think that flying in the sky means no responsibility, that no body can touch them and no one will notice all their criminal activities, flying over homes, cars, people and stalking 24/7, it is all going to end soon and they are being watched in a counter surveillance!, no one is above the law, if these thugs and criminals think that they have the support of some agencies or so, jail time is coming for crimes in gang stalking and illegal tracking of law abiding people in this city. Both N440KB and this moron who pilots this helicopter are being watched closely 24/7 beware!!!
sam kuminecz
Rgu, you joined 2 weeks ago, what you say holds little water. Please stop.
RguHeli HunterPhoto Uploader
Sam, this is a site that provides space for people to post what they see and experience regard to airspace!, it is not a Oligarchy? unless you own this site and you belong to one. You must Stop advising people without knowing nothing about unless you are a paid recruit and sent here to do your job?!, if you do not see what you want to see my pages are not for you. No one needs your acknowledgement or approval. If not here, there will be another place where the whole thing will be exposed...!!
William Baldwin
What in the world are you trying to expose? A flight school? You're right next to Nellis AFB. They practice taking pictures of you. LOL. no, ROFLMAO!!!
I'm reminded of the saying here... "Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they're not out to get you"... ;-)
William Baldwin
Robinson R44 Clipper II, N44SK, Registered to 702 Helicopter, Inc. N440KB is Registered to Skyline Tours, LLC. Neither one has any surveillance equipment likely and aren't favored by law-enforcement or spies. However, if you still feel threatened, you should call the Nevada Highway Patrol of the Clark County Sheriff's Office. Explain to them how you are going to eliminate this threat.
RguHeli HunterPhoto Uploader
Oh Dear, Thank you Baldwin. You just served the purpose of a good cause this page was created. While those couple of others here made derogatory comments despite having zero knowledge about what is the issue that is being brought into focus,you made that big difference. I do not want to write the details of actions on these criminals, it's been going on for so long they must be dealt with severe legal punishment besides loosing pilot credentials and loosing their business must go to jail. I have enough evidence that they are not on their own, they are supported by some agency which I am still trying to find out. Any inputs like yours, any ideas and pertinent information will be greatly appreciated, that is exactly why I sought out place like Flghtaware, it helps me to track them from their take off till they land, thanks to Flightaware and other sites that provide these information!!.
RguHeli HunterPhoto Uploader
Not seen in a while, guilty?
RguHeli HunterPhoto Uploader
Neither this garbage or N440KB showed up today over the park? Seems like they are getting the message!?. But, the so called legal garbage flew over right across my car at the park, shows that all these aerial criminal activates lead up to...!!!, I did not take my camera with me, picked up some photos and videos on cell phone, not as good as the camera quality, but I will post it on blog, the same moron flew back near my home after I returned from the park, and he was running that shit in circles in front of my house nearby a golf course??...it was not on the tracking system?...hmmmm!
Bud Micheals
I want to wear your tinfoil hat just for one day so that I could see first hand just how far off the spectrum you really are.
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日期 机型 始发地 目的地 出发 到达 飞行时间
2022年 05月 13日 R44Boulder City, NV附近North Las Vegas () First seen 15:09 PDT 15:37 PDT 0:28
2022年 05月 13日 R44North Las Vegas ()Las Vegas, NV附近 14:06 PDT Last seen 14:33 PDT 0:27
2022年 05月 13日 R44North Las Vegas ()North Las Vegas () 12:45 PDT 13:05 PDT 0:19
2022年 05月 13日 R44North Las Vegas ()North Las Vegas () 11:35 PDT 11:38 PDT 0:02
2022年 05月 10日 R44North Las Vegas ()North Las Vegas () 11:18 PDT 11:23 PDT 0:04
2022年 05月 10日 R44North Las Vegas ()North Las Vegas () 10:23 PDT 10:30 PDT 0:06
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