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How Many DC-3 Are Still Flying?

The Douglas Commercial 3 (DC-3) was one of the most mass-produced, well-engineered aircraft in history. Built to last, to land anywhere and never to break, Douglas churned out more than 11,000 of the type before and during World War II. But how many of these 80-year-old aircraft are still flying today? The 80-year old aircraft that will never die For an aircraft that was built before the Second World War, you’d be forgiven for assuming most would have been retired by now. So, imagine our… (www.msn.com) 更多...

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Wizz Air rescued 1 of its 4 Airbus planes stranded in Ukraine in a daring stealth mission at low altitude

An airline rescued an Airbus plane stranded in Ukraine for seven months in a daring mission. Flightradar24 data appeared to show the WizzAir jet flying at 10,000 feet with its transponder off. WizzAir confirmed it repatriated the jet on Tuesday following an "in-depth risk assessment." An airline rescued one of its planes stranded in Ukraine in a daring escape that involved flying at a low altitude and turning off its transponder, data suggests. Budapest-based Wizz Air repatriated one… (ca.news.yahoo.com) 更多...

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West Atlantic 737 ends up in lake at Montpellier

A Boeing 737 belonging to cargo specialist West Atlantic has overrun the runway at Montpellier Airport ending up in the Étang de l’Or. A lake between the airport and the Mediterranean. The incident happened around 3am local time as the aircraft arrived from Paris Charles De Gaulle. (ukaviation.news) 更多...


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