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Iditarod Champ and dogs fly vintage DC-6B home

2020 Iditarod Champion Thomas Waerner and dogs are finally heading home from Alaska to Norway after Covid-19 delayed their return when the race ended in March. Their ride is a historic aircraft that was purchased by a flight museum. If you are interested in following the history of this vintage aircraft and following Thomas' trip home, check out the Facebook group named DC-6B N151 (LN-SUB) Ferryflight Group. (m.facebook.com) 更多...

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Emirates to resume flying A380s to Malaysia

Emirates is planning to resume services to Kuala Lumpur effective 1 July with an initial timetable schedule extending to the end of October. (www.ttrweekly.com) 更多...

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Airbus A220 Chief Engineer Explains How Cabin Air is Cleaner Than You Think

When at cruising altitudes, the cabin air is a mix of fresh air drawn from the outside of the aircraft and passed through High-Efficiency-Particulate Arrestors (HEPA) filters (www.aviationtoday.com) 更多...

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QTPod Self-Serve Terminal Network Crashes Leaving Hundreds of Airports Without Fuel Over The Weekend

Saturday morning, May 30th, QTPod's network that processes all of their self-serve units crashed. Hundreds of airports not having mobile fueling trucks or personnel have been left without fuel during the weekend and there is no estimated timeframe when the network will be back online. (www.qtpod.com) 更多...

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MD-82 almost stalled at low level after go-around thrust overlooked

Bulgarian investigators have revealed that a Boeing MD-82 almost stalled while nose-high at low level, after the crew did not engage go-around thrust during a missed approach at Tarbes-Lourdes airport. (www.flightglobal.com) 更多...

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Emirates Prepares to Lay Off Pilots on June 15

It has emerged over the weekend that Emirates will lay off around 192 pilots from June 15 due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic. James Field goes into detail about their last day of service as well as what benefits they will still have up to this point! (www.youtube.com) 更多...

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Ryanair Condemns Lufthansa State Bailout

If there is one thing we can rely on in aviation, it is that there will always be a long line of characters queuing up waiting to throw their voice into the choir of colorful opinions, some of which can be considered funny, some of them just simply rude, the rest absolutely bonkers. (airwaysmag.com) 更多...

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Delta To Fly Final MD-88 and -90 Flights On June 2, 2020

Delta has set a retirement date for its fleet of MD-88s and MD-90s. (www.gatechecked.com) 更多...

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Possible bird strike brings down RCAF Snowbird

It’s a possibility that a bird strike brought down the Canadian Snowbird that killed one pilot and seriously injured another. (www.rcaf-arc.forces.gc.ca) 更多...

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VIDEO: Frontier Airlines Begins Pre-boarding Temperature Screenings

Frontier Airlines (F9) today instituted temperature screenings before boarding flights for all passengers and crew, becoming the first U.S. airline to implement the measure. (airwaysmag.com) 更多...

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Unusual Names Of Waypoints Used For Airplanes' Navigation

Aviation relies on so-called "waypoints" — geographic coordinates in the sky that help with navigation. And all the waypoints are named with five-letter designations, sometimes funny and odd. (www.npr.org) 更多...

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Modified Cessna is the 'largest' electric aircraft to take flight

Electric aircraft are ever so slightly closer to becoming a practical reality for travel. Magnix and AeroTEC have flown what they say is the world’s largest all-electric aircraft. Their modified Cessna 208B Grand Caravan, the “eCaravan,” flew for 30 minutes around Washington state’s Grand County International Airport using Magnix’s 750HP Magni500 motor instead of the usual turboprop engine. The flight was “flawless,” Magnix chief Roei Ganzarski said in a statement to FlightGlobal. (www.engadget.com) 更多...

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EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS: Azul fly to PEK for the first time in partnership with Dux Forwarding to bring 400 respirators to Brazil

The Brazilian flag carrier sent its long-distance flagship, the new Airbus A330-900neo, to the Asian continent for a mission to combat the coronavirus (Covid-19). The airline's aircraft also landed in Guarulhos for the first time in all of Azul's history. See beautiful photos of this day and... (cmsherbert.blogspot.com) 更多...


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