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Apparently a controller, unsure of the aircraft type called and asked
"Gulf Kilo Mike ___, are you a Skymaster?" The reply came back immediately
"Negative, but I am working on my Commercial license".

Written on 06/25/2024 by Rick D

I really like this type of picture just to see the respective sizes of aircraft.

Written on 06/25/2024 by David Plummer


Written on 06/25/2024 by Michael Hultmann

It was Clay Lacy who had this aircraft painted this plum color. The story of why he did is unusual (and a bit humorous).

Written on 06/25/2024 by Gary Schenauer

Y/w, Rick. BTW, great capture.

Written on 06/25/2024 by Gary Schenauer

Idiots! The numbers on the tail of this RF-4D are the serial numbers assigned by the Air Force if South Korea!

Written on 06/25/2024 by Paul Wisgerhof

Air Wisconsin CRJ200 with a cargo door mod.

Written on 06/25/2024 by ace221ch

Interesting comment Bill. I've often wondered how the Pressurized model would perform, with a Max Gross Weight of 4700 pounds.

Written on 06/24/2024 by CHRIS ROBEY

Thanks Gary, I've corrected the registration number.

Written on 06/24/2024 by Rickh52

Incorrect reg #. The "9" should be a "5." N5865V.

Written on 06/24/2024 by Gary Schenauer


Written on 06/24/2024 by Uwe Zinke

Great shot of a beautiful plane, but I'm biased. I got there not long after you took this.

Written on 06/24/2024 by Jody Olivent

Cool Shot Sam!

Written on 06/24/2024 by John Giambone

NEOS, the best Italian carrier !!

Written on 06/24/2024 by Andrea Gentilini

Gorgeous livery of one of my favourite planes !!

Written on 06/24/2024 by Andrea Gentilini

it's a Cessna Cardinal

Written on 06/24/2024 by Michael Guessetto

The C336 Skymaster was actually a nice plane and performed at least average for a light twin. Cessna then constantly degraded it thru the years until the P337 model. I took one on a two hour trip lightly loaded and couldn't get 600/fpm out of it.

Written on 06/24/2024 by bbabis

Tango Foxtrot, very musical!

Written on 06/24/2024 by Colin Seftel

Owned and operated by Air Tanker.

Written on 06/24/2024 by Colin Seftel

Thank you Greg and Mark!

Written on 06/24/2024 by Darryl Sarno

For those who don't understand Romanian, the caption is, "Aircraft takeoff during the June 1, 2024 aviation rally dedicated to children at Barza airport."
Barza Târgu-Jiu is a small airport in Gorj, Romania. This airport has no ICAO code. RO-0045 is used as a reference.

Written on 06/24/2024 by Colin Seftel

Well spotted Amir! The aircraft is registered as having General Electric CF6-80C2 engines, which are currently certified on many wide-body aircraft models: Boeing 747-400, VC-25A, MD-11, KC-10, DC-10, Lockheed C-5M and is certified ETOPS-180 for the Airbus A330, A310, A300, Beluga, Boeing 767, KC-767A/J, E-767J, YC-14 and Kawasaki C-2.

Written on 06/24/2024 by Colin Seftel

It's a privately owned and flown means of transport, not a fighter! The strange livery is causing eye blurring feelings. It's not a smart looking immage for a smart looking airplane.

Written on 06/24/2024 by Carl-Otto Jaeschke

if that is departing it is aggressive

Written on 06/23/2024 by Scott Callantine

Cool shot Chris!

Written on 06/23/2024 by John Giambone

Great photo and a fantastic aircraft.

Written on 06/23/2024 by Mark Jarrett

Great catch!

Written on 06/23/2024 by Greg Byington

Nice! I got to meet GEN Anderson a few years ago. He was very gracious and well spoken. He signed a copy of his book for me, and he had lots of great stories. He'll be missed.

Written on 06/23/2024 by Greg Byington

Jesse, I agree with the ??? - we were about to taxi for departure and did not get the Reg Mk. - sorry

Written on 06/23/2024 by Peter West

Thanks guys. I was happy with it. I just tried to get something from a different angle. Usually they are too heat hazed from that runway.

Written on 06/23/2024 by Chris lanno

Originally Maule was located in Napoleon, Michigan. Littler than Moultrie. Not sure when they relocated.

Written on 06/23/2024 by Karl Scribner

One of four P-51s taking off to perform an honorary four-ship Missing Man Formation flyover tribute to Brigadier General Clarence "Bud' Anderson, a World War II Triple Ace fighter pilot who passed away recently at age 102.

Written on 06/23/2024 by Gary Schenauer

It almost looks like a plastic model!

Written on 06/23/2024 by MrTommy

@Larry Toler the plane took 4 days to come to France, it came directly from Japan ;)

Written on 06/23/2024 by nicolas50

solid touch down, may be a little too solid?

Written on 06/23/2024 by Carl-Otto Jaeschke

Old workhorse, tired of hauling freight day and night.

Written on 06/23/2024 by Carl-Otto Jaeschke

Irish Air Corps?

Written on 06/22/2024 by john cook

Reminds me of the jet that brings in quarantined people from overseas. Nice bird.

Written on 06/22/2024 by Bill Simpson

Thanks everyone!

Written on 06/22/2024 by Darryl Sarno


Written on 06/22/2024 by John Giambone

not a Tri-Traveler

Written on 06/22/2024 by reichard

terry kelsey, Please look at a sat photo and you'll see that is just one lake- Minnetonka has many, many bays and arms.

Written on 06/22/2024 by JOHN BRESSLER

I think I'd get that tail number changed!

Written on 06/22/2024 by Boyd Ellison

Designed and manufactured in little old Moultrie, Geogia.

Written on 06/22/2024 by Boyd Ellison

A Twofer.

Written on 06/22/2024 by Al Miller

Flagpole is interesting too.

Written on 06/22/2024 by terry kelsey

Politics aside the 757 is a beautiful thing.

Written on 06/22/2024 by terry kelsey

Very nice, with several of the 10,000 in view.

Written on 06/22/2024 by terry kelsey

Double Dash. Nice catch.

Written on 06/22/2024 by terry kelsey

Looks set up for med evac, rescue, search, and....

Written on 06/22/2024 by terry kelsey

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