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Pictures: Northern Pacific Airways unveils first aircraft with its slick corporate livery

ANCHORAGE, ALASKA — Alaska's low-cost startup Northern Pacific Airways unveiled its first aircraft with the airline's slick livery. The airline will soon launch revenue flights between Asia and the US via Anchorage. Northern's Boeing 757 jet features a dark color palette of greys and blacks, with hints of blue and green on the winglets that represent the northern lights. ( More...

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tlfys1 8
Best aircraft ever...
Gary Eldridge 4
Looks like a giant raccoon.
M.D. Hudon 1
I can't unsee that. But other than that, I think it's a nice paint job.
Chris Bryant 4
I've flown transcontinental (SEA-ATL) on a 75 and it was grueling. Can't imagine trans-Pacific. Ugh.
The livery is... interesting.
Alan Dahl 1
I've flown on Icelandair 757s from Seattle to Europe a couple of times and it was fine. The aircraft are only configured for 179 seats vs the 199 Delta uses on their domestic 757s so you didn't feel squeezed in. It was also nice to have a break in the middle for 45 minutes to an hour rather than flying the whole 9.5 hours without being able to get up and stretch. In at least one case I saved a bunch of time flying SEA-KEF-ARN-LED in 13.5 hours including connection time vs the 16.5 hours it would have taken on a more "normal" SEA-AMS-LED route.
Thomas King 4
Flying on trans-Pacific flights on a triple 7 or 74 is bad enough. Can't imagine it in a 75.
boughbw 5
Seat pitch has more to do with comfort than the plane you are on. The AA 787 has a 29" pitch in economy and it was positively awful flying from MIA to Brazil and back. The Delta 757 I had taken to Brazil (ATL) previously was more comfortable by a long-shot.
One aisle or two, it just means more people waiting for the lavatories.
Derek Vaughn 4
Terrible time to start an airline.
Alan Dahl 2
Actually it's a good time, aircraft are freely available and cheap and with passenger loads lighter there it time to get all of the bugs out of the service without causing issues for a large number of customers. The only issue I see with their routing is that they aren't serving Seattle which means they can't get a slice of the huge SEA-ANC route that Alaska Airlines dominates or the large SEA-Asia market.
Aaron OBrien 2
My understanding is they want to continue with Ravns partnership with Alaska and do codeshare for support the routes out of ANC to Asia.
Alan Dahl 1
That would be great if true. Do you have a citation?
Aaron OBrien 2
I fly for Ravn and get internal emails
Alan Dahl 1
Cool, I will wait for a formal announcement then.
21voyageur 1
Great time to start an airline but another story making one survive let alone successful. Another 1 plane wonder? My bet is the financial backers spend more time talking about a business take-out opportunities than having a loyal customer base. History will tepeat itself. Hope pax are not left stranded af some point.
Alan Dahl 1
They have secured 9 of the 12 aircraft that they intend to launch with already.
Derek Vaughn 1
Fuel prices are trending upward in the foreseeable future. No carrier is making money right now, and many longhaul route schedules are being pushed back, due to lack of demand. Best of luck to them.
Only plane I've been on that will push you back in the seat at 350 and climb......thanks to no fuel haven't lived till you have peered into that engine at 100% power from about ten feet outside. Pure violence as it trys to jump the chocks and cream ya.........LOL
John Todd 2
I liked the flying in the 757. Also think that is one of most visually attractive bird.
21voyageur 2
27-year-old bird refreshed with a nice paint job. Guess the marketing department is working hard. Execution/survival will be a task of another magnitude. As for comfort on trans-Pacific, sorry but low-cost = low-comfort - around the world, what don't people get? It's a bloody bus at 30,000 feet! Just getting bums in seats is all it's about for the investors.
David Stark 1
I still think the 757 looks awkward on the ground.
21voyageur 2
Certainly has a different look. 727 fuselage moved forward a generation and that is the result. Too bad the Boeing bozos put a knife in it too early. Airbus may think otherwise.

Jon Duncan 1
If the 757 is the best aircraft ever ask yourself why it isn't still being produced and hasn't been for nearly 20 years.
21voyageur 1
Easy question. Easy answer: Shi$$y corporate decisions at Boeing being made by greedy executives putting short term $ gains ahead of mid-long term strategy and market position.


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