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Mesa announces aircraft order in latest venture

After the news of the FAA rejecting Republic's bid to reduce the FAA's so-called 1500 hour rule, which creates a major barrier to the US nationwide pilot pipeline, on Friday, September 23rd, Mesa Airlines announced the order of 29 Pipstrel aircraft with an option for the purchase of 75 more. The idea is to for the airline to facilitate a process they see fit that addresses the dirth in eligible pilots at their airline and nationwide created by the FAA's 1500hr rule. In this new… ( More...

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linbb 2
So called rule? Its just like other items that they must abide by to make flying as safe as possible. This isnt somekind of thing that trolls think needs changing there is a firm reason for it. Look at the third world airlines and hww they have not done proper background work and actually hired pilots that could not fly the aircraft and didnt have a legal pilots license either. To have low time right seat pilots doesnt work they need to have at least that much time so they can handle any emergency.
jhakunti 1
So-called 1500 hr because that isnt the official name of the rule.


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