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FedEx begins to retire its McDonnell Douglas MD-10s?

FedEx Express, the arm of FedEx that runs the transport company’s airline, has yet to operate its McDonnell Douglas MD-10Fs in 2023, possibly alluding to the type’s early retirement from the carrier’s fleet. ( More...

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Greg S 7
FedEx Express? That's funny because FedEx used to be an abbreviation for Federal Express, the name of the company. Then they changed the name of the company to FedEx. So FedEx Express is sorta Federal Express Express.
Larry Toler 3
I always thought the same thing. Like when we would send a MRT Team TDY somewhere to fix an aircraft. Maintenance Required Team Team.
Brian Smith 4
And PIN number...
Alan Dahl 2
They still have one of the best logos of all time...
Malcolm Chouinard 3
When the TV program came on the air, it was titled Navy NCIS.


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