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United to start domestic US flights for Boeing 787 from Nov4

United Airlines' Boeing 787 Dreamliner is set make its debut on November 4 with domestic US flights spanning out from Houston to New York (Newark), Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Denver. ( 更多...

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UAL Domestic 787 Routes Announced

United will phase in scheduled 787 service between Houston and each of its other domestic hubs beginning Nov, 4, 2012 as shown below. This schedule allows United's 787s to operate more than 470 flight segments in the U.S. in the last two months of 2012 in addition to international flights beginning in early December:
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United to Try Out 787 on Chicago-Houston

United's Dreamliner to be in domestic service initially, starting in November,0,7051935.story
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United flies 787 Dreamliner U.S. domestic

Just booked a flight on a 787 from EWR to IAH (Houston). Flight UA1057. This article also mentions flights from ORD to IAH. Looks like this is the best way to get a ride on this plane for the least amount of money and traveling!!


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