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Videos: 49 Homebuilt Aircraft Build World Record Formation Over Arrowhead Stadium!

This video gives you some details about the prep for the massive 49 aircraft fly-over of Arrowhead Stadium yesterday... it's an incredible Van's overcast of RV's! It was performed by the KC Flight Formation Team and it shows that we sure don't need the government to put on an awesome stadium fly-over! The fly-over was more than just a fantastic civilian aerial demonstration to open the NFL game between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Oakland Raiders, it was also tied into the… ( More...

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SootBox 1
Two world records set that day... this flyover and the crowd at Arrowhead setting a Guiness Book Of World Records record for loudest outdoor sports stadium at over 137 decibels. Another unofficial record KC holds is best smelling parking lot during the pre-game tailgating as it is the BBQ capitol of the world as well.
Hey, Sootbox, are you from KC? I'm asking because one of my favorite teams is the Chiefs, since the glory days of Len Dawson and Ed Podolak. One of my "things to do before I die" is go to Arrowhead and cheer the Chiefs. I'm sorry for going off-topic. I was watching the game on TV and missed that show. Should have been spectacular. Cheers.
how did they line up? How long did it take?
Brooks Osburn 1
Lined up in an arrowhead pattern with 8 wide at the base after joining formation in groups of 4. Only took 2 practice runs with the assistance of 2 chase planes and a robinson helicopter shooting video and pictures. Totaled about 3.5 hrs flight time for the two runs and debriefs following both runs. Great flight for a great cause.
SootBox 1
There's a video in the website page that has the "director" lining everyone up from underneath.
oowmmr 1
That was great.
Jason Feldman 1
I love the traffic warning after several minutes of close proximity to other aircraft LOL
Dennis Noah 0
Looks like the 8th AF flying to,Berlin in WWII. Have to admit homebuilts make me a bit nervous.


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