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United Airlines Launches Mobile App Passport Scanning

United Airlines today became the first U.S. airline to offer customers the ability to scan their passports to check in for international flights via their iOS and Android mobile devices. United is offering customers the opportunity to use passport scanning functionality on the airline's mobile app as the carrier completes testing. ( 更多...

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Still, on a 16h flight to Sydney, you don t even get a free glass of wine on UA...
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Android App just updated... Not sure how this is going to work out in a long run... Time will tell, great idea, now to find out if it is workable.
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New United app scans passports, issues international boarding passes

United Airlines today updated its official app for iOS with the ability to scan passports to check-in for international flights using a device's camera. The new feature can be accessed when a user checks in within 24 hours of a departing flight, as all passports uploaded are verified by credential management service Jumio. Once a passport is verified, users can obtain their boarding passes and save them to the app.


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