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MH370 was flown into water: crash expert

A section of wing from missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 shows evidence it was extended upon landing, suggesting a rogue pilot brought it down, an air crash expert says. World expert air crash investigator Larry Vance believes no other theory can explain the fate of the doomed aircraft. "Somebody was flying the airplane into the water," he told Nine's 60 Minutes on Sunday. The Australian search has been based on the theory the jet was not under human control when it crashed… ( 更多...

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latteju 4
Finding an extended flaperon leads to the conclusion it was a "rogue" pilot flying the plane. Could it also be a pilot, trying to save people on board ?
E.g. during the 'Hudson river landing', would the flaperon/flaps have been extended? I presume so. Same for the hijacked Ethiopian Airlines Flight 961 which was landed on water.

Sorry if this is a stupid question. I'm not a pilot, just an interested person.
Now for some reason the Malaysian Government does not want to find this plane and the passengers or it's cargo I should say the wreckage. So looking at the TV programmed filmed on channel nine 60 minutes on Sunday 31st July 2016 shows some suspicion about this.
Watch this FLIGHTAWARE members and Management see what you think and reply.
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'Definite Evidence' MH370 Was Crashed on Purpose: Expert

Last week, Australian officials said someone had plotted an Indian Ocean course on the flight simulator belonging to the pilot of missing Malaysian Airlines Flight 370.


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