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Southwest 1380 plane in the air again

Southwest’s Boeing 737-700 that operated Flight 1380 that was fatal for one passenger earlier in April just left the city where it landed and flew to Paine Field (PAE) in Everett, Washington, on Monday. The flight path on Flight Aware shows the aircraft registered N772SW taking off Monday morning from Philadelphia (PHL), where it was forced to make an emergency landing after one of its engines exploded and sent shrapnel crashing through a window, killing Jennifer Riordan, 43. Flight here:… ( More...

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Lance Neward 2
Does anyone know why the containment ring didn't do what it is ostensibly designed to do, i.e. contain a broken blade, either fan or turbine?
miles janzen 5
According to the NTSB youtube report I watched, the containment ring did contain the broken blade, as you can see in any pictures, the whole fan section is visible, it was the bad vibration set up by the imbalance that broke the intake section of the nacelle off and sent pieces flying
matt jensen 1
Don Gillies 1
Does anyone know if the lady pulled through the window was wearing a seat belt?
Brian Hankey 3
Yes, she was.
Lance Neward 1
Thanks for the clarification.
Larry Hinton 1
The plane is at the ATS Facility on Paine field being repaired.
They're doing the engine inspections there. A couple of days after the accident 10 Southwest aircraft ferried there.
Tom Dovel 1
So they flew it 5000 miles on one engine?
sparkie624 2
I don't think so.... You cannot ferry on just one engine.
bandito -3
Man this guy is stupid.
Highflyer1950 1
More likely that Boeing will do some sheet metal work and probably replace the leading edge devices on the left wing, just a guess however.
Francis smith 1
Must have plugged the hole in the fuselage. Track shows the flight was at 40000 ft.
Josh Griffin 1
Wouldn't want to be on that flight
CT7567 1
Retiring that plane would be a huge loss for SWA
Brian Hankey 4
I don't think so - it was one of the older 737-700s It was already 18 yrs old and according to it shows as being stored in Renton.
sparkie624 4
18 years old is not necessarily that old for a 737, it is still early for that.
sparkie624 -3
Looks it was a ferry flight... Article title is misleading!
rdlink 4
Plane was in Philadelphia. It flew to Seattle. Means it was in the air again. Pretty straightforward to me. If the article would have said in service again that would have been misleading.
sparkie624 -6
To me, In the air by the way the article implies would mean Revenue Service.... I would not classify any Ferry Flight as "Back IN The Air!"
Leon Artac 8
Get off your high horse. "To me" just means as you see it. You're not ALWAYS right you know.
royr2 -1
Sparkie is right. The headline would be misleading to anyone not familiar with aviation or ferry flights. It kind of implies that the plane is just flying around again with missing pieces and stuff, back in service. Reading the article would prove otherwise, but then we all know lots of people don't read anything but headlines...and comments.
royr2 1
And there's also not a lot of info in this particular article either to further mislead folks. The engine was indeed replaced in PHL and now the plane is going to Boeing for further repairs and probably investigation. But this article says none of that - have to find that infor elsewhere. Poorly written, IMO.
Leon Artac 3
Your both wrong. Just read all the info and then form an opinion.
Tom Dovel 0
Never mind. I see that they replaced the left engine while in Philly.


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