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Qatar Airways Boeing 787 loses up to 1,000 feet of altitude on take-off

Terrified passengers ‘scream and vomit' as Boeing plane plunges 1,000ft towards sea ( More...

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linbb -2
Hi TROL see you are reposting again nothing to do guess another day trolling the internet with worthleww posts.
jeff creek 1
WOW, who is the TROLL on FlightAware? It is linbb DUH!! More negative worthless bashing!!
David Ehlert 2
Well, I agree with linbb about MH370..!! Did you know that this at least the 2nd article that MH370 has posted on this event.?
Torsten Hoff 5
He doesn't get paid unless he posts at least one Squawk per day that is in some tangential way tied to Boeing. Doesn't matter if the flight had to divert because of a medical emergency among the passengers, the cabin crew burned the coffee in the galley, or the FO messed up the turn off the taxiway and got the plane stuck in the mud.


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