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Some airport screeners have sticky fingers

MONTREAL - The way Denis Bouffard remembers it, all he did was slip his hand into passengers' plastic bins at the airport security checkpoint where he worked and swipe a little spare change. ( More...

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Chip Hermes 0
If you thought this was only a problem in the US with the inept TSA you are clearly wrong.... this is going to be a problem everywhere. As we continue to hire the lowest common denominator to paw through everyone's belongings, this will keep happening.
Toby Sharp 0
Establish some screening methods of your own in your hiring program TSA.
canuck44 0
It is noted that the Crown contracts and oversees private corporations to screen at airports. I passed through YHZ twice this summer and YVR once. The YVR group were on a par with the TSA but the YHZ at least in the International area were good as any I have encountered in the US, Europe or Asia. Polite, efficient and helpful, they were well trained and supervised. The lines were organized in such a way with plexiglass fences that obviated any reaching in.

I was carrying an otoscope in my carry on. They picked it up on the screen and inspected my bag in front of me, resealed the case and ran it through again with the offending device outside...all within a minute or so. There was no gossiping or chatter and they changed the screener every 10 minutes. The message: Privatize.
preacher1 0
I actually wonder how much is TSA and how much is elswhere. I think it has been going on for years to some degree, just by crooked people in general. I remember a trip years ago from Frankfurt into McGuire, and my dad had a very expensive 35mm camera lifted from one of his bags. This was in the day before any screening so it just had to be an out and out thief going thru bags as there was no outside indication it contained anything out of the ordinary
richard weiss 0
Members of congress are now calling for the TSA to give up the screening duties and focus on actual transportation security. It won't happen as long as we have a big government president. The TSA now has the authority to unionize, thanks to B.O.. How hard will it be to get rid of them once they're organized. They are just like a cancer, they must be cut out, using wide margines.
Joe Champagne 0
TSA reached deep into my jeans... and stole every pair in my luggage. Things will change once the thug in the White House is removed. Chicago thugs, that is.
Let's use some common sense here and stop being ignorant. I don't care much for the way things are going under Obama, the "thug" in the White House as mentioned here, but it isn't his fault for the TSA's misgivings. I suppose if you trip over your own stupidity, then Obama and Bush will get blamed depending on what side you take. How the hell did this aviation site become political, presonal,religious, or whatever??? The TSA is a useless and terrible organisation, and will continue to be despite who is president. Like everything else, it's just a way of life.
richard weiss 0
We have an idiot in the white house that gave more power to the TSA thugs by letting them unionize. Who did he pay back with that act? Sorry for Thrustt if he can't see that politics has invaded our lives because of actions by B.O.. Forming the TSA was a knee jerk reaction by President Bush in the face of eminent danger. Now we have an idiot that gives power to unions for his own political gain. Two totally different circumstances. We could cut airtport sucurity costs in half by putting the TSA thugs back at Burger King where they belong.
Marcus Pradel 0
Yes, toss the TSA and bring back the Illegal immigrants that used to inspect the luggage @ MIA.

It was a knee jerk act that created DHS & TSA. but the rabbit was out of the bag already. On the only incidents/attempts to date, suspects were captured and beat up by willing passengers, not by a ground strapped bureaucracy put in place by Bush's government or by the air marshals flying first class on our dime.

Please stop stealing nail clippers from the crew, it's much more dangerous to cut toenails with the Fire Axe they have in the cockpit!

What was it that Franklin said about trading freedom for security? ".. you deserve neither."
learjetter 0
Richard W. says, we could cut airport security costs in half by putting the TSA thugs back at Burger King where they belong...and although that is hilarious, THRUSTT in part makes a great point, how DID this aviation site become political, personal, religious, or whatever???
Jim Quinn 0
I disagree with the 'privatize' comment. The Sunday prior to 9/11/01 I was commenting to my family that the airport screeners should be eliminated, shocking everyone. I informed them that the screeners were private contractors--lowest bidders--hired by the airlines and in my opinion were worthless. Two days later my point was well-taken when the Muslim terrorists took out the WTC towers. I see more and more cases of privatization of the security people that do the pre-screening (checking boarding passes, etc.) and I wonder just how long it will be before we have another batch of minimum-wage, poorly trained, poorly motivated screeners. On the other hand I do believe that we have a better corps of folks in the TSA and hope the management sets the bar high when they hire... As far as theft from luggage--it's always been a problem though usually it occurred in the baggage handling area or even inside the aircraft. I was involved in some investigations (provided video gear for surveillance) that resulted in numerous arrests in Chicago and Miami, two of the worst places in the country for baggage theft though it happens at many airports. One of the big problems is in airports where luggage tags are not compared with luggage claim tickets carried by the passengers. Outsiders simply walk into the baggage claim areas and walk out with suitcases. Shameful! With all the taxes and security fees we pay as air passengers, the airports could at least provide tag checkers...
richard weiss 0
Perhaps we should realize that regulators regulate and private industry operates. Case in point, The FAA regulates and the airlines operate the airlines. The Nuclear Regulatory Administrations regulates nuclear plants and private industry operates the plants. Where is it written that a minimum wage qualified government employee does a better job of screening passengers than a private enterprise company? Let the TSA regulate and private enterprise operate.
Jane Ford 0
These stealers better be careful. Bedbugs are on the rise and I can testify that I flew from JFK to PHX last year and came home with the critters! Ugh! But Terminix to the rescue and the cost of bucco-bucks. But I wasn't about to live with these horrible things. I know it happened on the plane coming home to PHX as I did not stay in a hotel. These critters migrate quickly and can move through luggage, etc. Aside, the TSA who are rummaging through belongings may pick up these things. How about marking your luggage with "possible bedbug contamination" -- see how fast they'll get their sticky hands on your stuff or not!! (Just a thought) :)
richard weiss 0
There is another way to keep them out of your bag, Jane. Put a tag on it that says "THIS BAG BELONGS TO A GIHADEE" If they enter it, that would be considered profiling. ACLU would be down on them very quickly.
Jane Ford 0
Good one, Richard! I can't tell you how many times I've gotten through security with a small pair of scissors leaving major cities (unwittingly, of course)! I went through a body scanner at MCI (you know, in the middle of a corn field). Really! What is this really costing the traveling public? Ridiculous! Airlines are cutting flights to save fuel costs; try getting rid of the TSA or at least refining the whole process so it makes sense. How about we search them (the TSA agents) before they search us? I could go on and on. Oh by the way, did you know TSA stands for "try staying awake"? Overkill on one had and laxity and pilfering on the other. Really now!
jzimmerman71 0
Another "meaning" for TSA I've heard is "Taliban's Supreme Achievement". It's a sad way to think about the agency, but the terrorists' whole point of 9/11 was to incite fear. The "better safe than sorry" mentality has created this establishment and the screening methods we see today. Just a few weeks ago, I noticed the TSA screeners are now going through our wallets. I could actually count how many 100s the guy in front of me had in his wallet as they thumbed through them. We've created this beaurocracy out of fear, and the enemy has become ourselves. Reinforcement of cockpit doors with cockpit procedure changes as well as passengers who are now willing to fight off a would-be hijacker mitigates at least 99% of the new risk. Where do we stop? Where do we say "enough is enough"?
Jim Quinn 0
TSA now going through wallets? You must be kidding! Now they're not only playing TSA, but DEA? It's not illegal to have cash. What are these guys looking for now? Is this a new policy, or just "casing" a new potential victim?
AccessAir 0
Ive said it a BAZILLION times.....The hi-jackers of 9/11 got on the planes with box cutters, something that our dear FAA said was an ALLOWED item to be taken on....PERIOD!!!!!! Change the restrictions, thats all that was needed. Not creation of a Monster of a new Govt agency....TSA is nothing but a smoke and mirrors side show to make everyone feels safe...The only difference is that we now screen checked baggage Stateside as before 9/11 we didnt...As for feeling safer? I dont feel any safer today, than I ever did before 9/11....Ive also said a Bazillion times, whilst were are busy stripping Granny and Babies looking for bombs, Al Queda terrorists will be bombing other places. The have our (DHS) full attention on aviation, and we are ignoring everything else...Stupid!! Let us stop letting the ACLU control our airport security and lets start profiling passengers. Lets go back to asking questions to passengers to at check-in..Oh wait, we cannot do that anymore, Airlines have stopped using people at check-in counters and rely on self serve kiosks. Clever, whats next? No flight crews?
Id also say, quit allowing ONLINE check-in/boarding passes. Thats a big security breach too!!!! You can disagree with me all you want but Ive been in the travel industry long enuff to know what we NEED to do....
Phil1965 0
I've always been wary of screeners, even before 9/11. That's why I use a fanny-pack when going through security checks. Everything metallic goes in and if they want to check the contents after the X-ray it takes time for them to open it at which time I'm already through the metal detector and watching what they're doing. I don't go through until I've seen the belt start with my pack going into the X-ray.
Rpalmqui 0
I've had some blatant screener theft experiences with this one being the most blatant: I forgot I had a Swiss Army nail trimming keychain (no knives, just trimming scissors, a SQUARE POINT file, toothpick, and tweezers) and the security screener at DIA said it was a "weapon" and wouldn't let me keep it. I protested some, but releted. As I put my shoes back on, I watched the very same screener pocket the keychain. As I had been delayed through security and had to catch my flight, I couldn't do anything about it. I wish I had filed a complaint with the airport. I only hope that the "round world" nature of the universe has returned the bad kharma on that screener.


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