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FlightAware Named One of Houston's Best Places to Work

Houston Business Journal recognized FlightAware as one of 102 local companies that tout work-life balance and awesome perks. ( More...

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Congratulations! Well deserved and not really a surprise.
msharic 6
Why would anyone downvote this?!? Anyway... Congratulations, y'all!!
sparkie624 3
Some people would down vote their own Grand Mother!
sparkie624 5
Congrats Flightaware... You deserve it!
Dan Dassow 4
Congratulations, FlightAware! The recognition is well deserved. It's been clear over the years that the FlightAware staff and community at large are birds of a feather who have fund together and enjoy aviation.
kudos to flight aware..happy employees make for a profitable and stable work place...
jbqwik 6
having a fun job and happy workplace is a key part of any person's life. Kudos to FlightAware.
Matha Goram 1
Congratulations! Very delighted that FlightAware has received the well earned recognition!


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