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BA and other airlines 'ripping off' passengers who miss their flight, investigation finds

British Airways and other leading airlines are "ripping off" passengers who miss their flight, Which? investigation finds ahead of Christmas getaway It has been revealed airlines are cancelling passengers' return flights if they miss their outward plane - forcing them to pay thousands of pounds to rebook their tickets. (www.telegraph.co.uk) 更多...

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patrick baker 4
;these fares are the no-excuses accepted fares, sold to people who live with excuses as a component of their lives.... The airlines are not insidious , rather self-protecting folks looking to get paid twice for as many roundtrips as possible.
Mike Monk 0
If this is not 'tongue-in-cheek' then it is rubbish! Airlines (and hotels) are getting worse for distrusting customers and providing as little as they can get away with and still keep customers. Their ethos is "it does not matter if we lose a customer or two, we have plenty more".
There is some truth in the fact that they are protecting themselves from those that have screwed them in the past but it is not right, nor is it fair to paint all their customers with that same brush.
Fuhndhu 2
Hallrob says "One-ways cost a lot and this is a way to book round-trip but fly one-way."
Can someone explain why a round trip should be cheaper than a one-way.
I can understand that a round trip should be cheaper than a single out plus a single return but cheaper than one-way doen't make sense. If the airlines do this, then it is not abuse to buy the cheaper ticket and use only the return half of it.
matt jensen 1
Ah geez - this is such OLD NEWS it's pathetic. It's been going on since AAL first introduced the non-refundable, low price tickets - that was sometime in the 80's! If you missed your outbound flight, the return was automatically cancelled. If you were flying in Y or F class and arrived late for your flight (traffic) an adjustment was made for the next flight out.
Colin Seftel 2
Matt, the practice may be old, but what is new (and newsworthy) is that it may no longer be considered a fair practice in terms of UK consumer protection laws.
matt jensen 0
That's BS. The rules are the rules. ALWAYS.
Colin Seftel 1
There has been new legislation, the law does change.
Highflyer1950 1
It is up to the passenger to make sure they get to the airport on time especially on a low cost return, non refundable ticket. You don’t show, you lose the whole thing unless evidence is provided it was beyond your control as to why you missed the flight. Traffic, weather is not an excuse. Most airlines will accomodate a passengers’ return portion IF they are made aware asap, but people just asssume their return seat will be there just like the airline assumes you won’t be!
Mike Monk 1
You talk as though the airline is the master. That is far from the case!
It should not matter that a customer misses a flight, the airline has been paid and it does not cost the airliner anything for a missed flight unless the customer has already check-in and baggage is on the aircraft so it is completely wrong for the airline to take the position of disciplinarian and "steel" the customer's remaining bookings! Yes it is THEFT!
hallrob 1
Fake news. This has been the way things have worked since the late 70's. The reason is simple. One-ways cost a lot and this is a way to book round-trip but fly one-way. Yes, some people get caught out but without the rule, hundreds of thousands would abuse it. This also permits to take advantage of sales between two cities when what you really want is the reverse.
linbb -3
So what? They miss and the airline looses get the government out of fiddling and it could end up with lower fares. Why should the airline end up with empty seats and loose money? Don't get it only the passengers benefit if there is no cost to them when they fail on there end.
Tommy Boy 4
Exactly how is the airline losing money if I have paid for that empty seat but they are not allowing me to sit in it - and keeping my money?

If they had any loyalty for their customers, they would refund any partial or full cancellation IF, and only if they are able to put another passenger in that seat for more than the original passenger paid.

Everyone understands the airline should not LOSE if a passenger is ultimately unable to travel at that appointed time. But to sell the seat for double or triple what the original passenger paid and keeping all of the money is simply greed. Which is exactly why airlines and ALL businesses need to be regulated = because they cannot be trusted to do the right thing when money is involved.
Torsten Hoff 1
If the passenger paid for a seat, they are entitled to it and the airline should not unilaterally cancel the booked and paid-for seat.

It's one thing for the airline to make seats available to standby passengers if someone doesn't show up for a flight in time for boarding. It's something else entirely for the airline to cancel a booked and paid-for seat long before the day of the flight, and then charge the passenger for rebooking.
matt jensen 0
I flew standby ORD-MIA on EAL a lot in the 80's. People just didn't arrive on time or got held up in security (Back then it was Andy Frain ushers hired by the airlines) or lied to their wives about taking the flights when they were shacking up with their gf. Those seats were always filled by someone. Oftentimes it was me and a gf headed for the sunshine.
pete hughes 0
It is actually worse than suggested here. I had a four hour delay with Hawaiian due to an unserviceable aircraft and as a result missed the connection to another flight and had to be re-seated on a later second leg flight with them. This was part of a larger inter-island itinery and when I tried to book in for the next flight I found that Hawaiian had cancelled all my subsequent bookings - as a result of their delaying me by four hours, not my failure to show. It was appaling. Four hours with no water, no facilities and no information and then having to fight for the rest of my trip. And not even an apology.


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