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Regional airline cancels hundreds of flights affecting Delta, American, United

A regional airline carrier that operates flights for four major airline companies including American Airlines and Delta Air Lines canceled hundreds of flights on Thursday and Friday, USA Today reported. "SkyWest experienced an internal technical issue, resulting in approximately 700 flight cancellations before the issue was resolved Thursday evening," the company said in a statement to USA Today. "We apologize to customers for the inconvenience; we are working to minimize the… ( More...

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srobak 4
A "technical issue".

Right. OK.

And since when are the words "Pilots" and "Crew" spelled S E R V E R S ?

lol. Keep it up, y'all!
bwkeagy 7
My son is a first officer for SkyWest. He was on a trip when this happened, flying United-branded flights. Pilots and crew had nothing to do with it.
srobak -1
that's simply what he is being told
bwkeagy 4
Maybe you think that when I said he was on a trip, that I was saying he was a passenger. He was working a trip when this happened.
bwkeagy 3
Maybe I don't understand what you are getting at. He shows up at the airport, along with his captain and flight attendant. They are ready and willing to fly, but they can't check in on their company iPads, couldn't access anything on their online portal, among other computer-related issues, but the real problem is the pilots? The pilots are being told it's not the pilots, but it really is the pilots? I'm so confused.
Gregory Clark 2
It was a spell-check error. It was supposed to be ‘service.’ Note that it later says « crew and aircraft » restored.
sparkie624 1
an error with Spell Check... Surely Not... :) (Sarcasm)
JJ Johnson 4
Let's Go Brandon!!
darjr26 2
Grow up
DonDengler 0
I echo that
k l 1
What about Wheels UP?
william baker 1
Where in the article does it say it affected United. Misleading headline.
sparkie624 1
Skywest does fly some regionals for them, so I am sure there is some effect on them, but they are not a major presence as they are with a lot other airlines

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Ralph Torres 17
Computer issues according to the article. The article says:
“While our servers were restored Thursday evening, we are still experiencing operational disruption as we work to get crew and aircraft into position “
srobak -1
if you buy that... I've got some oceanfront for you in Minnesota
Mark Kortum 4
Sounds like it was as much of a management issue as it was a computer issue. The management had no contingency plan to operate during a computer downtime.
Mark Jenkins 7
For many companies, IT infrastructure is required, not optional. The complexities of running lean/efficient operations requires constant computational support; there is little possibility of a contingency plan working well enough to justify the expense of developing, training, and maintaining such a plan. You might as well criticize management for not having a contingency plan to operate during aircraft downtime.

In many industries, however, spending on IT infrastructure has been under pressure for decades, without sufficient back pressure from "close calls" to for management to achieve a measured approach to cost containment. IT infrastructures can be built to be resilient, but that takes an appreciation for resiliency and what it costs. Brittle infrastructures are cheaper with no obvious wasteful redundancies, and their deployment is encouraged by relatively high MTBF numbers for all kinds of electronic equipment. When a piece of a brittle infrastructures fails, however, it is likely to be catastrophic and may invoke cascading failures.

Management understands that planes falling out of the sky is bad, and is (usually) willing to spend on resilient systems and maintenance to keep that from happening. Not everyone has figured out how to do that well with IT, though.
srobak 2
Unless a company is in the IT business - then this is what they need to accept:

IT is a financial black hole if you rely on [too much] technology to run your business. There are significant sunken costs that go with that - and they are perpetual. They will never be recouped. Ever. No matter how many tech functions and toys and interfaces and apps and web pages you make for your customer.

If you do not want to make continued, constant and significant investments into your IT infrastructure - then you need to reduce the amount of reliance upon IT your company has in the efforts to conduct it's business.
paul trubits 3
When the computers go down there is no contingency plan. That is the world we live in. You can't even buy a candy bar at a store if the computers are not operating.
sparkie624 3
the problem is that the back up is another computer with the same problem. I have always heard it said.. "To Error is Human, To really screw up requires the use of a Computer!"
linbb 6
Wow you really went off the rails as that would have been a mechanical issue not a tech one. And then more speculation really need to have a cup of coffee in the morning first.
sparkie624 0
Must have been one of the mechanical Failures inside of one or more of their hard drives failed or lost a critical router. Sounds like as large as they are that they should have a better IT Department.
flyingtrainguy 5
Airline IT departments have been starved for resources for years. Until very recently most airlines have viewed IT as an expense to be consistently reduced year over year. Large portions of IT infrastructure is outsourced to IBM, Infosys, HP, and others. Some systems have vestiges of code and equipment from the 1970s. Security upgrades are only being made now because of Payment Card Industry Association requirements and privacy laws in the EU and elsewhere. It is amazing there are not more IT 'breakdowns' at the airlines.
Kimberly Holborn 2
So true. IT has not been treated as seriously as it should be where I work.
Gregg Bender 0
Spoken by someone who has no clue what goes on behind the scenes at an airline.


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